2008, A lounge Chair
Carbon Fibre, High gloss lacquered, Chrome coated claw feet

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- Full statement

Behaviours between ‘sit’ and ‘bath’, there are some instinctive purposes.
A chair is an object for a sitting behaviour as a tool which is demarcated
a territory by object. Physical relaxation is an essential behaviour through chair
the object as we recognised. Even if it is not existed - whether it is a ground or
a rock -, we are looking for native something or somewhere to sit for rest
naturally. Thus, this is inevitable needs between body and thoughts. We tend to
relax through behaviour of sitting, furthermore, it brings several behaviours for
several purposes such as thinking, napping, reading, chatting and viewing.
I believe that these are not physical behaviours, these are metaphysical or mental
behaviours that spatial appearances are reflected by intelligence. Washing a body
is not only a way to clean. Internal of the behaviour, it includes some of mental
conducts such as rest, meditation, refreshment and speculation. A bathtub is one
of general tool for bathing as a behaviour of washing. Simply, it can be washed
through a shower bath, on the other hand, bathtub is a medium which can be had
spatiotemporal scope for mental conduct. Bath time in the tub, I believe that it is
probably the most cosy time in a day.

Seatub is a lounge chair which came from bathroom. It is started from
observing in every day which viewing an existence of object as an evolutional
thing. Every objects are developed a symbiosis between factors such as
circumstances, objects and users visibly or invisibly. Seatub the lounge chair
experiments to shift a function and to explore a similarity on different things in
daily life. Although, the chair and the bathtub are not a live creature, it can be
developed or justified a new creature as an evolutional thing through a shifting
people’s perspectives.